The Grassroots Granookies' Story

Looking for a 100% healthy and delicious snack that kids and adults can enjoy? Your search is over…Grassroots Granookies® are here!


The Granookies story starts with Stacey—our intrepid creator, fearless baker and all-around awesome Mom. In an effort to bring more wholesome nutrition to her family, Stacey was sneaking ultra-nutritious, fiber-rich ingredients like chia seeds and flax seeds into her kids’ diets for years.

Always mindful of her kids’ food allergies, Stacey began formulating and baking her own granola, using organic, all-natural ingredients that were gluten free. To transform her homemade granola into the perfect take-anywhere snack, Stacey had another revolutionary idea: shape them into cookies! And thus, Granookies were born—crispy, yummy, nutritious, mess-free treats that are perfectly portable and ready to go anywhere.

Stacey’s Granookies became such a huge hit—even family members and friends with no food restrictions couldn’t get enough of them! (We think you’ll be a fan too.)

Join the granola revolution and enjoy a whole new way of eating granola!