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“Wish I had Granookies when I was playing in the NFL."
Vince Workman, Green Bay Packers running back NFL 1989-1996

"Granookies are a natural, nutritious snack, and great for refueling after a tough training session. And, they are delicious to the point of being slightly addictive!"
Lance Watson
, Olympic Triathlon Coach

"Granookies are the only clean food snack that I truly enjoy eating. As a competitive endurance athlete with food restrictions, I'm always looking for tasteful, whole foods to fuel my body. Granookies are the answer and they taste awesome."
Tom Nohilly
, NCAA Champion 1989  /  Four-Time Olympic Trials Finalist for the 3000-Meter Steeplechase

“Training for Ironman keeps me constantly on the go. . .and constantly hungry!  I am always on the lookout for healthy but convenient snacks to keep me fueled. Granookies are a perfect solution--full of nutritious and all natural ingredients that keep me performing at my best, one delicious nibble at a time!"
Katya Meyers, Professional Triathlete/Model

“I have three children, and like every parent I’m always searching for nutritious and delicious snacks to give them. The search is over! My entire family loves Granookies—even my 2-yr old. So while they’re crunching away, enjoying their Granookies, I’m loving the fact they’re eating something totally healthy."
Julie Mangini, Wife of NFL coach, Eric Mangini

“We all wish we could eat granola bars and cookies all the time, but since most of them are loaded with unhealthy fat and sugar, eating them is not a mindful choice. Welcome GRANOOKIES—the perfect marriage between a granola bar and a cookie! Granookies are genuine good-for-you snacks that have been kid tested and kid approved. Finally, a sweet snack the whole family can enjoy…sans the guilt."
Caren Tishfield, Registered Dietitian

"As an elite trainer and triathlete, I love and would recommend Granookies to everyone. They are a good source of energy and protein to get me though those tough workouts."
Todd Vitale, Trainer

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"They are dairy free, nut free, vegan, soy free and gluten free but not taste free!"

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"In addition to a delightful sweet for celiac sufferers, these cookies are perfectly fine snacks for everyone."

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Grassroots Granookies labeled as one of Celiebo.com's 5 favorite vendors from the fair.
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"You won't go wrong with any of these delicious and nutritious products."
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"My five-year-old daughter tried the Granookies...and declared them a winner."
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