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Network and service insights

Turn data into knowledge that improves network and business performance

Network and service insights provide CSPs with tools that enable looking at the network and services performance from an angle that provides the most efficient and actionable insights to improve customers’ experience on the network and service quality. These tools help to prevent revenue loss through real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. They also secure the network and services against major availability disruptions through advising on immediate and proactive reconfiguration of the network according to the traffic mix. Accurate and actionable quality metrics are captured for mobile broadband, messaging, CS voice and VoLTE and the associated radio and core network usage.

With network and service insights tools, proactive corrective actions can be taken before the subscriber is affected. In case of incidences, subscriber events can be seen in a simple format for complaint resolution. Behavior of new devices can be measured and monitor the moment they are introduced into the network. Troubleshooting efficiency is increased via isolating the problems to device or network.

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