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Business and customer insights

360 degree view to customer experience across touch points.

Nokia customer and business insights solution provides a unified view of business, customers, and services in real time. It implements nearly defined business rules and priorities to guide departments in their daily activities and cognitive decision-making to improve experience, effectiveness, and efficiency.

The solution extracts the most relevant information across the entire customer journey, allowing the CSP user to focus on the right things with the right action at the right digital time across departments, for example, 360° view to customers and their experience, revenue, churn, loyalty and NPS TM, in order to ultimately lift the company’s overall business performance. Such actions are underpinned by AI and analytics, and they contribute to process automation and human augmentation, including business and customer-centric SOC, NOC and network planning automation, customer engagement automation, autonomous care, and automated, actionable and always-on Customer Experience Index (CEI).

The solution enables the users to understand service performance degradations or customer complaints, and their impact on customers and business value, and get intelligent and targeted recommendations on prioritized actions. Predictions on the results of the actions before triggering them is supported. The solution builds on state-of-the-art architectural design principles such as Nokia Common Software Foundation (CSF) and DevOps techniques and relies on a common data integration, ingestion and analytics layers across the entire telco operations.

Digital Office helps all organizations to align existing processes, people and organizational culture to implement business and customer centricity and maximize CSP benefits.

"Customer experience has always been important. But more so now than in the past, it is the one thing operators can really differentiate themselves with."

Justin van der Lande / Analysys Mason
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