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Partnering to win the 4th Industrial Revolution

"Partnership illustrate the powerful possibilities that emerge when we break out of our relatively slow-moving, siloed world of the past. By levelling on another's unique strengths, we can go further and faster to develop breakthrough, truly interconnected solutions and seize new market opportunities. Clearly, the possibilities are limitless when we work with world-class partners to achieve them together." - Rajeev Suri, Nokia CEO

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Value Added Partners

A global network of trusted value added partners with the tools and support necessary to expand their market reach and capitalize on business opportunities by selling Nokia products and solutions.

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A select group of key distributors worldwide that manage an extensive and remarkable group of indirect resellers. Together, we provide worldclass solutions to meet customer's needs in the rapidly changing ICT environment.

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Service Provider partners

"Giving Service Providers the opportunity to sell Nokia products or to function as managed services partners offering Nokia product-based services to their customers."

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Strategic alliances with some of the most trusted names in the IT and system integration space. Our combined expertise provides end-customers with best-in-class solutions.

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