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Fiber Access: The secret of 5G's success

The extraordinary future of 5G with Fixed Networks

Intro TMP
Intro TMP

Fiber and 5G are perfect partners, each able to enhance the potential of the other

A high-performing 5G mobile network requires a high-performing fixed access network to succeed.

Where 5G demand – and expectations – will be highest, fixed access networks are needed to provide mobile anyhaul and a 5G experience to homes with fixed broadband networks. And fiber needs 5G to help connect the unconnected, by bringing Gigabit broadband to homes and business that fiber cannot yet reach.

The 5G future is brighter with fiber

5G is quickly becoming a reality that will deeply impact our everyday lives. However, the 5G experience, whether in the home or on the go, can only be achieved through fiber access networks.

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