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Customer experience - the ultimate revenue driver

As 5G approaches, the success of your business will be determined by one thing: customer experience.

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Create extraordinary experiences in the 5G era – download our infograph
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Get the power of connected intelligence

Digital leaders understand connected intelligence is necessary to create real time experiences customers will love and pay for. They know it’s the key to revenue growth, especially with 5G. And they know it generates priceless data they can use to build customer loyalty and reduce costs by 15-25%.

Make every moment matter — 01:18

Digital services should work flawlessly, right? With Nokia always-on connected intelligence, they will.

Meeting your challenges

Drive loyalty using AI based

Increase loyalty

Manage and monetize
IoT expansion

Grow revenues

Increase profitability by connecting intelligence
across the business and network.

Accelerate business

Improve targeting with a comprehensive customer view

Increase loyalty

Expand your ecosystem and discover new business models

Grow revenues

Decrease costs in
customer care

Accelerate business


"As an ICT service provider, we are at the forefront of latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. We are collaborating with Nokia, given the breadth and depth of their solutions, and their deep understanding of our unique needs. In days to come, with further advancements in machine learning capabilities, we will make huge strides in our ambition of being the unrivalled benchmark in staff engagement and customer advocacy in this region.“?

Anthony Shiner / Chief Digital Lifestyle and Innovation Officer of du?

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"We are very excited to be collaborating with Nokia in the field of IoT. Our experience as an IT company and strong presence in a wide variety of consumer tech industries and business domains puts us in a strong position in terms of deploying the IoT platform and applications. By leveraging our existing ecosystem and Nokia's advanced IoT platform, we believe will be able to create innovative, cost-effective IoT solutions and take a leading role in the market."?

Tareq Amin / Chief Technology Officer of Rakuten Mobile Network, Inc.?



“Nokia’s AI driven access analytics solution has given us the ability to proactively address issues, reducing customer calls by solving multiple issues in a single intervention and creating overall efficiencies in our troubleshooting process.”?

Patrick Rausch / Senior project manager, POST Luxembourg

Personalization in the 5G era

Dynamic personalization is all around us, with algorithms deciding what is served up to us in many ways. In this whitepaper researched by STL, they reveal

  • The percentage of service providers that have gone live with AI applications and what are they are applying it to
  • 5 areas where business benefits can be realized by applying AI
  • What impact this can have on retention

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Customer successes

Our customers are creating experiences people crave. See how our AI-driven solutions are making it easier to build loyalty, generate revenue and give great support.

MTN Nigeria – Digital Transformation Journey

MTN Nigeria’s Navindan Naidoo and Uche Osuji talk about their digital transformation journey towards customer-centric operations, and the powerful tool of Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform, which goes beyond being just a network tool to unite all aspects of business.

Hutchinson 3 Indonesia to Deliver Innovative IoT services with Nokia's Worldwide Iot Network Grid (WING)

Nokia WING will help Hutchinson 3 Indonesia to unlock the potential of IoT for their enterprise customers. Indonesia has ambitions to be the economic powerhouse of Southeast Asia and IoT will help enterprises across Indonesia to compete on the global stage.

Post Luxembourg upgrades to AI driven automated troubleshooting process?

Patrick Rausch and Nicolas Dupuis of Post Luxembourg discuss the challenges of maintaining great quality of experience both for their end users and from a maintenance perspective. Home and Access Insights helped them meet their objectives for OPEX savings and proactively address customer issues.?

Why Nokia for customer experience?

Service providers must deliver extraordinary customer experiences to succeed in the 5G era. Nokia delivers with automation and some of the most sophisticated AI in the telecom industry. We connect intelligence from the business and the network across the entire customer journey to help service providers personalize offers in the moment that matters and proactively care for subscribers and things. And all this is done with privacy and security in mind.

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