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Health & safety

Employees and contractors face inherent risks when installing and maintaining equipment and constructing base stations on behalf of our customers. We focus on ensuring that all our employees and contractors are aware of the risks related to their jobs and receive the necessary training and equipment to work safely, whether in the office or on site. We address job-related health and safety risks through training, analysis, assessments and consequence management.

World Safety Day 2018. We celebrated World Safety Day 2018 with the theme Leadership Intervention. We want to build a culture of high performance and high integrity, making sure that everyone goes home safely at the end of each day. For World Safety Day 2018 we decided to focus on what is needed at all levels for everyone involved in the work to be strong in acting and intervene when things are not right.  The day concentrated on making sure we live up to the expectations we set for ourselves as a company. The attendees also had time to discuss real incident cases focusing on the behaviors that could prevent or have prevented serious injuries from happening.

World safety day

Life Saving Rules. Health and safety is embedded within our Code of Conduct and is therefore included in our Ethical Business Training. In this training we emphasize the importance of identifying and avoiding risks, and reporting incidents. In addition, we run campaigns that focus on the key safety risks for our employees and contractors, and encourage open reporting of incidents and near misses by contractors and employees.

We introduced our Life Saving Rules a few years ago and we continue to emphasize our non-negotiable rules called the Nokia Life Saving Rules, which include six simple safety rules related to our top risk areas: driving, working at height, contractor management, and electrical activities. Everyone working for or on behalf of our company, including our subcontractors and suppliers, must follow these rules as an absolute minimum.


Life saving