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Making change happen together

Collaboration is key to creating shared value that underpins the drive for a more sustainable society and world. Together we can make a much greater impact on the social, environmental, ethical and economic challenges of our time.

Making difference

Making a di?erence. In 2018, our corporate community investment programs reached around 304 200  direct  beneficiaries.

Highlights in 2018

mHealth in Indonesia with UNICEF

Technology can play a key role in transforming and ensuring the delivery of health and nutrition services. Nokia works with UNICEF in Indonesia with stellar results.

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Case Study
Our commitments, targets and performance

We understand that we cannot just concentrate on our own actions and challenges but need to work with a broad range of stakeholders that can bring their skills, knowledge and power to help resolve many of the environmental, social and governance challenges the world faces.

Collaboration is fundamental to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring that the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution and technology are available to all.  

We engage with customers, suppliers, partners, industries, academia, non-governmental organizations, cities, governments and civil society, who all have an important role to play in making positive change happen.

We seek to cooperate on relevant projects where we believe we can make a contribution that has true impact, and where we can bring the benefits of technology to bear.

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Community investment and NGOs. We work around the world with a number of both large global Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), as well as locally with smaller more community based NGOs.

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Governmental and multilateral organizations. We engage with policy makers, international and multilateral organizations, and civil society to help transform towards an inclusive digital economy and society.

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Industry, academia and beyond. We hold memberships in many industry and international associations and other initiatives and networks. We also work with a broad range of academic institutions to drive innovation and research.

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