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Digital lives

The digitalization of energy, transport, health, communication and production will create huge opportunities for all people to be more economically and socially empowered. Through technology we are already seeing the initial promise of the fourth industrial revolution: smart cities that are more efficient, safer, cleaner and more secure; increased access to digital health; and better management of natural resources through digitalized utilities, building towards a purpose-driven economic model. It is paramount that we ensure the benefits of these changes are available to all.

The path to fully automated driving. Connected driving is coming and it is extremely important that all industries involved in connected driving work closely together. Close collaboration will allow the parties to turn the concepts into truly sustainable business and a benefit for all. Car2MEC is a project funded by the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs.

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What about smart agriculture? Agriculture is perhaps one industry that faces some of the greatest challenges in terms of sustainability and its importance to humanity. Climate change can, and already is, having a major negative impact on agriculture. With growing populations putting greater pressure on food supply, the challenges will only be further exacerbated. Technology has a major role to play in making agriculture smarter and more efficient.

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Smart pole in India. The traditional telecom pole is going through major changes, thanks to a new design and build in India providing the smart telecom pole in support of the smart city developments ongoing in the country. Besides traditional connectivity, the smart pole can offer LED lighting, CCTV security cameras, digital information boards and even environmental sensors.

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Operational excellence with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In march 2019 we announced we will partner with P?yry, an international consulting and engineering company, and Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, to further enhance and accelerate the adoption of "KRTI 4.0(TM)", an artificial intelligence (AI) framework for operational excellence. The framework helps industry, utilities, transportation and infrastructure organizations identify lifecycle management challenges across operational systems.

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