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Data privacy and security

As we see the implementation of 5G, IoT, AI, and Cloud computing creating a world where everything and everyone is connected, how companies protect customer, employee, or other sensitive data is one of the most significant issues facing our industry today. We have dedicated robust processes in place to address this, focusing on technical protection, processes, and people.

Threat Intelligence Report. Ground up security processes are key to 5G mobile networks now being rolled out in major markets such as the US bring the promise of connecting everything from sensors and systems to robots and platforms, in order to form an automated ‘whole’ that operates in mission-critical environments. They also bring new and sizable security risks.

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Threat intelligence report

Managed Security Services for digital-era networks. We continued to address rising security threats to telecom networks by launching our Security Risk Index assessment service and Managed Security Service. Together, they form a unique, holistic approach to targeting security challenges across mobile, IP and fixed networks in the digital transformation era, when new services and virtualized systems also introduce new vulnerabilities.

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Nokia signs pledge to fight cyberattacks. 34 global technology and security companies signed a Cybersecurity Tech Accord, a watershed agreement among the largest-ever group of companies agreeing to defend all customers everywhere from malicious attacks by cybercriminal enterprises and nation-states.

The 34 companies include ABB, Arm, Cisco, Facebook, HP, HPE, Microsoft Corp, Nokia, Oracle, and Trend Micro, and together represent operators of technologies that power the world's internet communication and information infrastructure. The companies made commitments in four areas.

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